El Yucateco Embroidered Fleece Joggers

$ 34.99

Do you lounge?  Have you ever thought "No, the lounging lifestyle is just too cool for me"?  If so, you might want to get a pair of these El Yucateco Hot Sauce Embroidered Fleece Joggers into your life!

Joggers aren't just for running anymore (not that we ever were into running unless it was toward habaneros).  These are some seriously comfortable fleece lounge pants.  So the idea is - you put them on, look great, everybody knows you're cool because you're into El Yucateco, and instantly your social status gets boosted by like 10,000,000 Twitters (okay no they won't but you'll look super relaxed anyway).

And for you sticklers to detail, the El Yucateco Logo is embroidered on the left leg (of the pants, not your actual leg).


  • One pair of Fleece Joggers weighing in at 7.8 oz., made of 100% polyester, and feature the El Yucateco Logo on the left leg (please see the above sentence if you're still concerned about if the logo being surgically attached to your leg)
    • Available in Charcoal or Navy
  • Serious Moisture management properties - like this fleece manages moisture better than...someone who doesn't manage people well at at all.
  • Elastic waistband, dark drawcord, elastic cuffs, back right pocket with hook and loop closure, all included for free!
    • (dudes probably won't understand why that's a big deal, but here at El Yucateco, we care)
    • (dudes if you care and actually understand why that's a big deal, then... hey that's awesome)