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El Yucateco Hot Sauces - Flavor and Heat

With the perfect balance of flavor and heat and no extracts or concentrates, it’s no wonder why Fiery Foods Magazine recognized El Yucateco Habanero XXXtra Hot Sauce with a first place Scovie Award as Best in Class Hot Sauce.

You can see the difference. El Yucateco’s full, rich consistency and savory flavor satisfies even the most discriminating palate to spice up any kind of meat, salad or recipe. Use El Yucateco to give your guacamole a zesty touch, or spice up your Bloody Mary, Michelada or Sangrita with a few drops of this delicious hot sauce.

The heat level of each of our hot sauces is measured using The Scoville Scale.  This heat is measured in “Scoville Heat Units”, degrees based on the concentration of capsaicinoids from the peppers (Capsaicin is the predominant component that causes the sensation of heat in a pepper).

Jalapeño Hot Sauce by El Yucateco

Jalapeño Sauce - 1,500-1,900

The classic Jalapeño sauce, done the right way! Only the freshest peppers are used for this sauce. It’s the mildest of our sauces, but packs a rich flavor and gentle heat.



Mexican Chipotle Sauce by El Yucateco Hot Sauce

Chipotle Hot Sauce - 1,900-2,300

Our only sweet sauce, our Chipotle Hot Sauce is made from a rich blend of naturally smoked chipotle peppers. Its deep flavor enriches hearty dishes, and adds smoky notes and sweet heat to grilled meats.



Caribbean Hot Sauce by El Yucateco Hot Sauce

Caribbean Habanero Hot Sauce - 6,300-7,700

This sauce is a perfect blend of yellow habanero peppers and fresh carrots, a source high in Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene. Its slightly sweet taste and mild heat deliver the traditional flavors of Caribbean Cuisine.



Authentic Mexican Habañero Hot Sauce by El Yucateco

Red Habanero Hot Sauce - 7,600-9,500

El Yucateco’s Red Habanero Hot Sauce is created with our classic recipe, a blend of habanero peppers, red tomatoes, select spices and seasonings.




Green Habañero Hot Sauce by El Yucateco

Green Habanero Hot Sauce - 7,700-8,800

Our Green Habanero Hot Sauce is made with another of our classic recipes. The freshest green habanero peppers, garlic and fine spices blend into a fresh, flavorful sauce.



Smokey Hot Sauce by El Yucateco

Black Label Reserve Habanero Hot Sauce - 4,500-5,500

El Yucateco’s Black Label Reserve gets its color from fire-roasting our habaneros resulting in a deep, smoky, flavorful sauce.



Hot Hot Hot Sauce by El Yucateco

XXXtra Hot Habañero Sauce - 10,000-12,500

We rescued this recipe from the culinary traditions of the ancient Mayan civilization, hence the name “Kutbil-Ik” - a Mayan word meaning “crushed chili”.