El Yucateco Giordana Custom Men's Bike Jersey (ORDER A SIZE UP)

$ 89.95

You've tasted our Hot Sauce at Epic Rides.

You've ridden the trails and done rad stuff that most people wouldn't consider trying, even after a night out in Vegas *.

Now - combine El Yucateco with your passion for riding and you get the El Yucateco Giordana Custom Men's Biker Jersey!


  • Giordana Branded El Yucateco Vero Pro Bike Jersey
  • Shirt is Yellow with blue sides with the El Yucateco logo in the middle...just like the bottle.  Waitaminute!  it's like somebody planned this!  AMAZING!
  • A traditional fit with superior fabrics to keep you cool, dry and comfortable with UV protection and rich detailing.
  • Covered zipper (nobody wants an uncovered zipper. That's just weird.)

*Night out in Vegas not included
NOTE: We recommend ordering a size up in this jersey.